Dawoon Park


A lecture performance, Summersnowglobalism at Rundgang 2022 - Universität der Künste Berlin
18:20-18:40, 23. 07. 2022
Medienhaus, Grunewaldstraße 2-5, 10823, Berlin, Germany

OTHER-Control vs. SELF-Determination

08. 07. - 24. 07. 2022
designtransfer, Berlin, Germany

Selected Projects

A Lecture Performance, Summersnowglobalism


Moonage Daydream

Spirit of Kitchen


Face Value

Scenery Between-Window 3

Scenery Between-Window 2
Scenery Between-Window 1

Unstable Mask

Buddha of Capitalism

Waste Does Not Communicate

Skipping Hierarchy

The Self Captured in Absolute Black



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Dawoon Park

Dawoon Park is a media artist and researcher born in South Korea and currently based in Germany. She studied Visual Communication Design in Seoul and New Media in Berlin. She is keen to work at the intersection of visual art, theory and practice. Her recent research focuses on the analysis of the hybrid spaces in between nature and culture and social relations of networks made up of human-nonhuman being and things. It takes the form of texts, performances, film and installations. Medium and materials are carefully selected according to the context of the philosophy and media theory on top of which her practice is grounded. Digital technology and electronic components make up a core part of her work.


About / Contact / Instagram
Waste Does Not Communicate

Ahee is an alternative programming language that is esoteric and inefficient and therefore not very widespread. It was developed exclusively in Hangul, and exists as a proof of idea. The signs with 5 lines of code written in Ahee are translated to ‘Waste Does Not Communicate’ in JavaScript Ahee interpreter.

The American personal data collection company Acxiom divides people into 70 categories based on economic parameters alone.1 The group that has very little in customer worth is called Waste. Waste is a digital outcast who is not present on the network at all. In that sense, Ahee can be seen as Waste.

But Ahee is a Luxury. Because it escapes the achievement-principle entirely—especially in the sector of digital computing, where everything is streamlined to be as efficient as possible. Ahee is outside the digital landscape of multitasking between different sources of information and processes. Ahee has nothing to do with practicality. Ahee does not communicate, but stays the way it is “So-Sein.”
1. Byung-Chul Han, Psychopolitik: Neoliberalismus und die neuen Machttechniken, S. Fischer Verlag 2014

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film by Yannick Spiess