Dawoon Park

Dawoon Park is a media artist and researcher born in South Korea and currently based in Germany. She studied Visual Communication Design in Seoul and New Media in Berlin. She is keen to work at the intersection of visual art, theory and practice. Her recent research focuses on the analysis of the hybrid spaces in between nature and culture and social relations of networks made up of human-nonhuman being and things. It takes the form of texts, performances, film and installations. Medium and materials are carefully selected according to the context of the philosophy and media theory on top of which her practice is grounded. Digital technology and electronic components make up a core part of her work.


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Scenery Between-Windows 2


1. a unit for counting closed spaces. box; partition; cell; room; space
2. an intervening time or space. interstice; in-between; interval


1. a separate or multiple viewing areas as part of a graphical user interface(GUI) on a computer display screen in a system, usually scaleable by the user, stretched on any side, minimized, maximized, and closed.

The movie proceeds from the view of windows of my cell where self-isolation was underway, during Covid-19's restriction reached its peak, to the view of Windows on web conferencing systems. Uncertain memories are streamlined through the endless concatenation of Windows.