Microbes cause social interactions through physical mediation between humans, animals, plants, and even tools and machinery. Using potential microbes in the porous structure of poplar fluff entangled with lignocellulosic fibers, Nuruk molds, a fermentation starter for brewing Dongdongju, are cultivated. The snow globe transforms into a receptacle of drink where rice grains bursting fall like snow.
Installation performance, size variable, includes;
a snow globe displaying replicas of Poplar tree and "summer snow", a Poplar fluff catcher with mesh, Petri dishes with various particulate materials including Poplar fluffs, IoT incubators of rice doughs with Poplar fluffs potentially containing microbes, multiple jars showing different stages of brewing with Nuruk from the incubators, a Dongdong-ju jar with the window showing floating grains.

Each object can be seen as a segment of the interdependent conceptual and practical context of Summersnowglobalism.
Funding: 2022 ARKO(Arts Council Korea) Art & Tech